Commitment to Diversity

When we say our clients come from a variety of different spaces, we aren’t referring only to industry. We count ourselves fortunate to have witnessed firsthand the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) both internally and through our clients’ experiences. That’s why we’re committed to doing our part to increase DEI—across our firm, industry, and community. As part of these efforts, we pledge to nurture a workplace that is fair and inclusive, with diversity in racial, ethnic, cultural, and service backgrounds. We seek a staff of varying ages, genders, and abilities, which is reflected in our equal opportunity recruiting process. Outside of our own doors, we partner with several local and national organizations to advocate for greater DEI within our industry, and we actively engage and challenge our recommended managers on their own efforts to expand and promote diversity.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about our work to promote DEI or if you’d like to partner with us in doing so. And we hope you’ll check back regularly to see how we’re doing!

Areas of focus

Talent Acquisition

In our search for new members of the Prime Buchholz team, we focus on building a diverse pipeline of both intern and employee candidates and on engaging in and strengthening partnerships that support this effort.

Employee Engagement & Retention

Our people are truly our greatest asset. With this in mind, we strive not only to be an employer of choice for all populations but to build lasting relationships with our staff. We believe this comes from nurturing a culture that values and actively gives voice to the varying perspectives employees with unique backgrounds bring to the table. Initiatives include DEI training at all levels, mentorship programs, and more.

Investment Manager Diversity

Promoting DEI at Prime Buchholz also extends to our pipeline of investment managers.  This includes a holistic diversity assessment as part of our initial due diligence and ongoing assessment of managers across all asset classes.  We also seek out managers, both established and emerging, that are working to move the needle on diversity.

Supplier Diversity

We make DEI a priority as we hire vendors and suppliers, proactively seeking out women- and minority-owned business enterprises.

Community Engagement

We aim to encourage diversity outside of our walls as well. In that vein, we invest in and engage with communities and support organizations that seek to serve under-represented and under-served constituencies.

By the Numbers

of our staff is diverse
(minorities & women)

of owners
are women

of asset class heads
are women

Our Partners

The Diversity Workforce Coalition comprises employers and other community members whose purposes are to promote diversity in the workplace through education, training, and enhanced networking opportunities, and to identify and connect resources to its members and the public.

The National Association of Securities Professionals assists people of color and women in its effort to achieve increased inclusion in the financial services industry.

Toigo’s mission is to foster the career advancement and increased numbers of under-represented populations at the leadership level. It aims to do this by creating mechanisms for greater inclusion from the classroom to the boardroom.

This organization is widely considered the leading global affinity group for women in the finance and alternative investments industries.

Year Up

Year Up works to “close the opportunity divide” by helping young adults to transition from low-paying jobs to meaningful careers on an accelerated timeline.

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