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Unlock Data-Driven Growth

PrimePlus was created by investment experts here at Prime Buchholz to elevate the investing and portfolio management experience for our clients. By aggregating data from multiple sources and streamlining analytics, PrimePlus provides clarity and meaningful insights in just a few clicks – whenever and wherever you need them.

Trusted Data Management

Let our reliable data management platform handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on making informed decisions for your portfolio.

Integrated Analytical Solutions

We seamlessly integrate your portfolio data with market data from top-tier source providers. With PrimePlus, you can spend your time tackling your core objectives – not manually compiling information.

Effortless Access & Insight

Discover the simplicity of a framework that puts the data you need right at your fingertips. PrimePlus provides unmatched ease of access and the ability to gather portfolio insights and answers right when you need them.

Revolutionize Your Portfolio Monitoring With Comprehensive Analytics

Stay Ahead With Daily Estimates

We collect, synthesize, and reconcile all your portfolio data. Daily estimates keep you updated as soon as new information is available, helping you stay ahead.

Maximize Total Portfolio Insights

PrimePlus offers performance-based analytical solutions. Our cash flow, asset allocation, and liquidity data analysis allows you to make informed decisions and uncover trends to help maximize your investment potential.

Unlock Full Portfolio & Asset Class Analytics

Increase your understanding of your holdings, including exposure and attribution analytics across time periods. Unlock other valuable asset class-specific knowledge with our user-friendly data visualization tools.

Simplify Private Capital

Maximize Performance Evaluation

Assess private performance data, featuring public market equivalents, across customizable timeframes to optimize allocations.

Level-Up Exposure Analysis

Get dialed in by consolidating exposures across strategies, managers, vintage years, or tailored groupings.

Monitor Cash Flows Daily

Keep your finger on the pulse of your investments with daily updates on transactions and capital activity. PrimePlus keeps you informed and in control.

Track Your Portfolio With Mission Alignment

Access Comprehensive Mission-Aligned Datasets

Leverage robust DEI data and analytics managed by Prime Buchholz across portfolio investments.

Screen For ESG Factors

Evaluate your portfolio for compliance with UN Global Compact, carbon emissions/fossil fuel usage, and other ESG criteria.

Explore Relationships

Investigate connections between qualitative ESG and DEI scores and narratives, and quantitative data sets.

Conduct Manager Research The Easy Way

Unlock Information Across Data Providers

Utilize integrations with external data providers to assist with your investment decision-making process.

Blend Portfolio Data With Manager Data

Compare your portfolio holdings to more than 12,000 different strategies.

Interact With Prime Buchholz Recommended Products

Access data and insights into Prime Buchholz-recommended managers. Rely on our team of professionals for the latest information and analysis.

Streamline Your Investment Process and Save Time with Analyst Services

Accounting Services: We consolidate investor statements and provide timely analytics for institutional investors.

Public Analyst Services: We collect and provide accurate data to help you make informed decisions.

Private Analyst Services: Let PrimePlus simplify private market portfolio analysis.

Integration Services: Outsource your data integration needs to us and enjoy a seamless and efficient onboarding process.

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