Our Clients

At Prime Buchholz, we put you first. Each of our clients gets a dedicated, multi-functional team that is always available. This high level of personal service is a big reason why more than half of our clients have been with us for over a decade and our longest relationships span nearly 30 years.

We feel good about working with a wide range of clients, including educational institutions, health care organizations, public and private foundations, cultural and faith-based organizations, retirement plan sponsors, and individuals and families.

Serving the nonprofit community has always been at the core of what we do, representing around 90% of our more than 250 clients. We are inspired by and honored to be part of their success stories.

Who We Serve

Investment Consultant Clients
  • 1 Education
  • 2 Health Care & Insurance
  • 3 Public & Private Foundations
  • 4 Cultural & Faith-Based Organizations
  • 5 Retirement Plans
  • 6 Private Wealth


Educational clients represent the largest segment of our client base.  In fact, Prime Buchholz was founded by two university CFOs, so we intimately understand the needs and challenges of the educational community.

Many of our consultants serve on investment committees or boards of educational institutions.  This experience helps us see things from their point of view and offer insightful advice and recommendations.

Health Care & Insurance

We have been working with health care organizations and insurance companies and their various investment pools for nearly 30 years. We understand the industry’s unique dynamics and regulatory framework, which helps us in our mission to deliver exceptional results. Our experience with operating pools, captive insurance, endowments, foundations, pensions, and other funds allows our clients to focus on what really matters to them—caring for patients and advancing health services and technology.

Public & Private Foundations

We serve several of the nation’s oldest and largest community foundations, as well as many other public and private foundations. We have helped foundations grow their investment programs to provide an ongoing source of funding, allowing these clients to focus on their core missions.

We work alongside clients to show their donors how their contributions have been invested to help provide a lasting source of charitable funding. We can also create specialized donor reports to demonstrate the portfolio’s performance.

Cultural & Faith-Based Organizations

In our work with cultural and faith-based organizations—including museums, performing arts institutions, and environmental groups—we develop investment programs intended to grow resources with an appropriate level of risk.  Our comprehensive range of services allows our clients to fund social, charitable, and humanitarian efforts while also building community.  We help clients ensure that their investments reflect their social or religious beliefs by developing mission-focused investment programs that detail exposure to specific industries or companies.

Retirement Plans

Prime Buchholz has been providing investment consulting services to ERISA retirement plans—both defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC)—for over 20 years.  Whether we’re providing guidance on liability-driven investing for DB plans or fund/vendor selection for DC plans, we understand how important it is to serve as a prudent steward of our clients’ assets.  Our goal is to help our clients meet their fiduciary responsibilities, including:

  • Following a sensible process for selecting participant investment options and service providers
  • Selecting investment options that are judicious and diversified
  • Monitoring investment options and service providers to ensure that they continue to meet the investor’s needs
  • Confirming that fees paid to service providers are reasonable and fair

Private Wealth

We’ve been serving high-net-worth families, individuals, and single-family offices for nearly 25 years, helping them protect and grow their assets for future generations. We work with each client to develop investment strategies that are intended to meet the risk/reward objectives of the family and address complex multi-generational situations, pursue long-term value creation, and consider liquidity needs and tax efficiency in the process. We collaborate with clients’ specialists across the investment program, from tax advisors to estate planning professionals.