Sneak Peek: PrimePlus In Action Webinar & Demo

We are excited to share our latest PrimePlus® In Action Webinar & Demo, which occurred yesterday. To view a video of the webinar, please submit your request to:




An Analytics Platform for Institutional Portfolios Our proprietary online platform provides in-depth portfolio analytics, interactive data displays, and dynamic reporting capabilities Built by Prime Buchholz Unlike other platforms, PrimePlus® was designed by experienced investment professionals, not tech firms. Evolved for You We continually improve PrimePlus® with direct input from clients to ensure it evolves optimally to meet your needs.





Timeline of platform development


■ ENHANCED EXPERIENCE • Interactive quarterly reports • Dynamic graphic displays • Detailed portfolio insights ■ MANAGER RESEARCH • Performance evaluation data • Manager & portfolio data integration • Enhanced manager data access ■ MAI • DEI & ESG score integration • Comprehensive datasets • Screening tools ■ COMPREHENSIVE ANALYTICS • Daily performance estimates • Detailed portfolio insights • Monitoring tools ■ PRIVATE CAPITAL REPORTING • Comprehensive, simple display • Enhanced exposure analysis • Daily cash flow monitoring ■ ORGANIZATION TOOLS • Consolidated statements • Data integration • Document center


■ DAILY DATA ACCESS • Daily dashboard updates across portfolios ■ PORTFOLIO TRANSPARENCY • Transparent visibility into asset-class-specific data at various portfolio levels ■ COMPREHENSIVE ANALYTICS • A full suite of analytical tools at your fingertips for robust performance analysis and risk assessment ■ MISSION-ALIGNED DATA • Detailed reporting on mission-aligned datasets • Ability to screen portfolios for specific factors at multiple portfolio layers ■ STREAMLINED DATA ACCESS • Simple retrieval process for data and documents, enhancing operational efficiency ■ INTEGRATED REPORTING • Bridge between digital and hard-copy reporting, offering dynamic and accessible reporting options
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