Prime Buchholz and Clients Share MAI Experiences, Practices in Open Conversation

Many thanks to the approximately 100 participants of our recent Mission-Aligned Investing (MAI) Conversation.  This virtual event was presented by our MAI Research and Practice Team and moderated by Principal/Consultant Kate Dumas and Principal/Head of Private Capital & Real Assets Jared Fuller.  Together, they guided participants through the MAI framework outlined in our recent Investment Perspective, Climate Change & The Institutional Investor, highlighting the tools and resources we’ve developed to help clients with their MAI goals.

Topics included Know What You Own, Bring Everyone to the Table, Find Like-Minded Partners, Align Your Portfolio, and Agree on an Action Plan and Act.

From left to right, Erik Gross, Treasurer, UNH Foundation; Anne Stetson, Director, John Merck Fund; Kate Dumas, Principal/Consultant, Prime Buchholz; Jared Fuller, Principal/Head of Private Capital/Real Assets, Prime Buchholz









We’re especially grateful to client guests, Sr. Executive Director/University Advancement Treasurer Erik Gross (University of New Hampshire Foundation) and Director Anne Stetson (John Merck Fund), who shared their MAI experiences and wisdom. Feel free to message us if you’d like to learn more.

We’re already looking forward to our next event!

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