Prime Buchholz is more than an investment advisor. Our sophisticated research operation is a powerhouse that is flexible enough to meet your unique needs and function as an extension of your staff. As a fully integrated partner, we help lighten the burden on your internal staff by providing structure and resources that help them make effective decisions. Our back-office team handles all coordination of investment activity, giving you the time to focus on your goals.

Prime Buchholz Portsmouth NH

Our Core Offerings

Diagnostic Review

Investment Consulting

We analyze the current investment structure as part of a thorough diagnostic review. Our review includes an analysis of the current investment policy statement and investment structure (including liquidity), as well as fees paid.  We may recommend revisiting certain asset class exposures where we identify overlaps or biases. Conversely, where we identify gaps in the asset allocation, we may recommend adding new asset classes in an effort to enhance returns or reduce volatility. We evaluate each client’s investment managers on statistical and fundamental bases and, when appropriate, identify alternative products.

Investment Planning and Asset Allocation

Investment Consulting Portsmouth, NH

Every institution is unique—each has distinct governance and a financial picture that must be considered when designing your investment program framework. With comprehensive research, advanced analytic tools, and ongoing, regular conversation with our clients, we develop unique, customized investment programs to help you achieve your investment goals.

Prime Buchholz’s core investment philosophy continues to focus on disciplined asset allocation and rebalancing, thoughtful and realistic spending policies, high-quality manager selection, and thorough monitoring. At the outset, we work with our clients to establish the appropriate asset allocation targets, using diversification in an effort to manage risk. This includes diversification among the various asset classes, as well as the investments within each asset class.

Manager Evaluation and Implementation

Manager Evaluation

We have been evaluating and selecting investment managers for client recommendation for nearly 30 years. In performing in-depth and rigorous due diligence on investment managers, we examine:

  • People
  • Philosophy
  • Process
  • Performance

Our assessment of managers across these dimensions is both quantitative and qualitative. Our goal is to identify and recommend managers we believe are best-of-breed in each traditional and alternative asset class. Our team also guides the manager transition process by serving as the catalyst, coordinator, and supervisor, providing close oversight intended to increase efficiency and reduce errors.

Risk/Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Mission-Aligned Investing

We believe timely, accurate, and custom-designed investment risk monitoring is crucial to evaluating your investment program. Our comprehensive monthly and quarterly investment performance reports provide much more than updated rates of return, including:

  • Asset class and individual manager performance commentary
  • Asset growth data
  • Extensive investment performance analytics
  • Fundamental risk exposures
  • Liquidity schedule and operational detail
  • Market commentary
  • Peer and benchmark comparisons
  • Summary of observations and recommendations

Specialized Services

Mission-Aligned Investing

Outsourced Investment Solutions

Our flexibility is unparalleled—whether you’re looking to outsource your back office or would like to delegate your investment decision-making to us. We’ll work in the way that best suits you.

Mission-Aligned Investing

Sustainable, responsible, impact investing—let us be your experienced navigator. We’ve been helping organizations align their investments with their missions and values for three decades.

Defined Contribution Advisory

We’re a trusted, go-to resource for plan sponsors as they seek to maximize their plan benefits and meet their fiduciary responsibilities with confidence.

Supplemental Services

Our full-retainer relationships benefit from our expertise in many additional areas. From acting as your back office to educating donors and staff, the range of supplementary investment program services we offer may surprise you.

  • Audit preparation assistance
  • Board, staff, and donor education
  • Fee negotiation
  • Financial review/risk tolerance assessment
  • Investment structure development
  • IPS development
  • Manager transition oversight
  • Operating pool advisement
  • Service provider searches
  • Trustee/custodial bank relationship evaluation